This is our dream, the one we build together. Waking Dreams from Atlantic City is a collective experience, a festival of wonders and magic.

Waking Dreams from Atlantic City is a freeform festival taking place in the Showboat “Casino” in Atlantic City. The theme, as the title suggests, is that of a Waking Dream, where you may take any form you desire. Within the walls we shall build a fairy kingdom, full of music, dance, art, and oddments of all sorts. It is a collaborative experience that is as much about what you bring as what you might find.

This is a fully immersive event. Depending on your desired level of involvement, your preparation levels will vary wildly. We encourage you to live your dreams in dress and style; don’t just come for the experience, but instead be part of the experience. The only extreme prohibition regarding performance is that we cannot allow fire at the venue (unless purely metaphorical).

Our event shall be taking place at the Showboat (former) Casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  To be blunt, this is just an awesome venue. Several years ago due to storm damage from Hurricane Sandy and the changing fortunes of Atlantic City, the Showboat was closed as a Casino. After changing hands, repairs, and internal rebranding, it opened again as a pure entertainment venue. Waking Dreams will be taking place within the vast expanse of this former “abandoned” casino. For those who dare to walk strange roads, there can be no better destination for your journey.

Leave the mundane world behind and join us. Perhaps you will discover that the mask you are wearing was the real you all along. Come inspire others and be inspired.

To learn more about the Waking Dreams Festival, read the full Design Document.