The artists and adoring fans of the Burning Revel have gathered to celebrate the life and passing of the beloved rockstar, the Prince of Glam, and witness an encore loud enough to wake every corner of the Dreaming.

For decades, White Wolf’s roleplaying game Changeling: the Dreaming has told stories set in the margins of our world, stories of fae spirits cut off from their homeland, shrouding themselves in dreams and glamour to survive a world of business suits, logic, and cold reality. These changelings gather in secret Freeholds and hidden revels, forming themselves into noble Houses and engaging in courtly intrigue in an echo of the world they left centuries ago.

There are changelings of all kinds–Satyrs and Boggans, Trolls and Redcaps, Pookas and Sluaghs. There are even a few True Sidhe who returned when humanity experienced true collective wonder when people first walked on the moon. But by the time most changelings reach adulthood, they lose their connection to the Dreaming and with it their fae nature.

The Burning Revel centers on a rare group that has found a way to stave off banality far into adulthood. The Burning Revel is a collective of changeling artists who do not distinguish between their fae and mortal lives. They are rebels, creators, musicians, and rock stars. Their days are full of grand spectacle, dazzling moments on stage, and debates of philosophy and identity. The Revel is led by the Prince of Glam, a star who puts on bedazzling shows for mortals and changelings alike, passing off their magic as elaborate pyrotechnics and stage effects.

But all stories must end eventually, and the Prince has announced their next show will be a farewell concert. No one knows exactly what their plans are, but this will be their last encore and the community will have to learn how to move forward without its leader. The Revel will be at its wildest, with tributes of all kinds, celebrations of life and love, and representatives from the Noble Houses, there to pay their respects. It will be a night when legends are told and legends are made, as a star passes out of this world.

The Burning Revel is a two day larp experience about art, glam rock, stardom, queer communities, and passion, with simple mechanics and prewritten characters. The larp happens during the festival, with some spaces set aside for members of the Burning Revel and some spaces for everyone to mingle. Everything culminates in the Prince’s last grand concert on Saturday, a night of big decisions and bigger glamour.

To learn more about the Burning Revel, read the full larp Design Document.