An Official Changeling: The Dreaming Blockbuster Event & Festival


April 25-April 27th 2019


Showboat Atlantic City
801 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, NJ 08401, USA


Tickets from $50-475

Changeling: Waking Dreams is a new hybrid immersive festival and blockbuster larp weekend. Travelers from every realm will come together and shed their mortal guises to step into a world of glamour, revelry, and rock ‘n roll. We have created three different paths through the Dreaming, to cater to different interests and styles, each with its own delights, all intersecting and interacting to build into a truly magical weekend.

The Festival

is a revelrous gathering of elaborate costumes, vendors, performances, and arts groups, inspired by Faerie Conventions, Mermaid Parades, and other participatory spectacles.

The Burning Revel

is a larp about a group of Changeling artists, glam rock musicians, and eccentric outsiders coming together to perform and confront changes in their community.

The Rekindling

is an opportunity for players of Changeling in times past to bring back their old characters after a decade of forgetting, their glamour and magic reborn for one last weekend of glory.

Changeling: Waking Dreams is produced by Dziobak Larp Studios, Imagine Nation Collective, and White Wolf.

Once we lived in endless dreams and nightmares. Once we lived in a place that layered dreams upon the mundane, offering us mew and freehold from the eternal cold. Once we had a land built on dreams, but now we have been forgotten and journey into the gray.

What was once a place where we asked what the Dreaming could provide for us is now a place where we in turn look to ourselves for the responsibility to find and foster dreams.

No longer will we assume the Dreaming will provide us a place of hope and safety; it is now for us to create those places for ourselves.

Atlantic City waking Dreams

Waking Dreams is an event that lets you create and live in a fantasy world filled with dreams, nightmares, legends, and faeries. You will come to the event, dress in a persona that you have built, and live in a world of imagination and creativity for three days.

We are creating a beautiful space together where we can leave the mundane world outside, find ways to inspire one another and be inspired, and take a short festival vacation into the dream.